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Soft Mozart

Thousands of parents wished they would have stuck with piano when they were kids, but they hated it so they quit. Now they want to put their children through the same process, only to become frustrated when their kids hate piano too. There is a better way

Soft Mozart allows students to interact with the Grand Staff, notes, sounds, fingering, lines, and spaces to develop an intuitive understanding of music and the piano. Until Soft Mozart, this would have been impossible for a student to learn this way. Not anymore. Imagine children who want to practice piano! We do not create piano quitters. We create music lovers.

     We love Soft Mozart!    

We have been using Soft Mozart program with our 3 girls for less than a year and the results are truly amazing! We had some experience in traditional piano lessons with our oldest daughter. When she was younger, she took piano lessons for about three semesters but the progress she made cannot equate to what she was able to achieve with Soft Mozart Program in a shorter period of time.


Elephant Learning Math Academy

Elephant Learning is an Automated Math Academy for children 2-12. 

We guarantee your child will learn at least 1 year of math in 3 months if they play 30 minutes per week.

    Amazing Results! Thank you, Elephant Learning!   

I have enjoyed watching my youngest (5 year old in preschool) thrive on Elephant Learning! He is a visual learner, and the way the program is set up works perfectly for him.
He loves the games, and I love watching how what he learns on the app spills over into "real" life. He is consistently finding math problems throughout the day, like when we eat our snack or counting other objects.
I'm a homeschooling mother, and I appreciate finding a great tool that my son can use independently allowing me to work 1 on 1 with my other child.
I also love that it's much harder for my children to simply guess at elephant math. I've tried other math apps, but my kids always seem to find a way to guess their way through the system. Not so with Elephant Learning!
I have much more confidence that they are mastering the skills being taught in Elephant Learning. I value and use all of the tools to track my children's progress. The timer, progress reports, activity suggestions are all wonderful and set this app apart from anything else we've tried.
Thank you for seeing a need to help children have a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and creating such an excellent app!

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